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  • Queries Vol.1 No. 2

    Published Date : April 1984
    ANDERSON/EDWARDS:  Seek ancestors of Mary Ballard ANDERSON, b. 1790 Bedford, Mass. ?m. 1810 Peter EDWARDS, b. 1790, Oxford, Mass. Where married?.

    Marjorie L. Renner, 212 Van Buren, Huntingburg, IN 47542.                                                 (93)

    ANGIER/CHURCHILL:  Seek parents and ancestry of Mary A. ANGIER b. 1824 Vt., m. 1842 Barker Brewster CHURCHILL of Cornish, N.H. 3 children.  Died 26 May 1861 Cornish, N.H.  Was her father Rawson ANGlER of Acworth, N.H.?

    Mrs. Richard A. Waite, Sr., c/o Waite, 23 Nashoba Trail, Littleton, MA 01460.                        (94)

    BALLARD/GILBERT/FORD:  Need proof that Jane BALLARD, b. 1711 who m; Nathaniel GILBERT 26 Aug. 1731 Hingham, Mass, was dau. of Benjamin BALLARD (b. Boston, Mass. 16 July 1688, son of Daniel and Sarah) and wife Jane FORD. Benjamin and Jane m. Boston, Mass. 8 June 1709.

    Patricia D. Hanson, P.O. Box 1059, Union, WA 98592.                                                         (95)

    BISHOP/HUBBEL/DYER/TULEY:  Thomas BISHOP, 1717-1748 of Attleborough, Mass. m. Sarah HUBBEL of Pequonnic (now Bridgeport, Conn.).  Their grand-son, Anthony DYER, Jr., b. 1765, Glocester, R.I.; d. 1835, Monticello, Ga., m. (2) (R.I.?) Sarah TULEY. Need H!JBBEL and TULEY families.--Fellx 1880

    Earle Luck, 8 St. John’s Ave., P.O. Box 369, Tabor, NJ 07878.                                              (96)

    BLOWERS:  Seek parents of Asahel BLOWERS, b. 7 July 1790 N.Y. 1833 in Wayne Co., N.Y., in Poor House. Wife, Almira, b. 1802, N.Y. Ch.: Peter, Elijah, Elisha, Elizabeth, John. Believe he belonged to Bennington, Vt. BLOWERS, but no proof.

    Mrs. Gordon H. Woodward, R.D. #2, Box 122, Endicott, NY 13760.                                  (97)

    BOSTON INTERNAL MIGRATION STUDY:  a study of internal migration through 19th-century Boston, I’m attempting liv, to learn what became of the following men. If you know when or where any them died, kindly let me know. I’ll gladly reimburse your postal costs.  Please address Prof. Peter R. Knights, Dept. of History, York University, Dowmsview, Ontario M3J 1P3, Canada. ALLEN, Daniel B., b. 1844, Me.; m. Carrie M.; cabinet maker; liv. 1876, San Francisco; ATWOOD, Frederick N., b. 1844, Provincetown, Mass.; m. Aileen; painter/artist; liv. 1897, Chicago; BAILEY, (Benj.) Franklin, b. 1831, Pittston, Me.; separated; ship chandler; liv. 1862, “New York”; BATES, Robert K. or R., b. 1834 Me. or N.H.; m. Eliza; cook, liv. 1861, Boston; BECKLER, Daniel W., b. 1832 Livermore, Me.; widower; housebuilder; liv. 1891, Boston; BECKWITH, Thomas D., b. 1831, Conn.; m. Susan; carpenter; liv. 1860, Boston; BICKNELL, Nehemiah B., b. 1807 Foxboro, Mass.; widower; d. Aug. 1875 somewhere in Me.; BLAISDELL, Levi E., b. 1822, Jay, Me.; m. Amanda M.; carpenter; liv. 1865, Boston; BLINN (BLYNN), James L., b. 1828 Boston; m. Elizabeth Lawrence; teamster; liv. 1865 Boston; BOYCE, Sylvanus, b. 1831, Vt.; m. Phebe Sweetser; machinist; liv. 1873, Springfield, Ill.; BRYANT, Silas D., b. 1820 Rochester, N.H.; widower; harness maker; liv. 1881, Des Moines, Iowa; BURGESS, Cornelius S., b. 1814 Little Compton, R.I.; m. Susan DeWitt; carpenter, liv. 1866 Brooklyn, N.Y.; CALEF, James A., b. 1812, Hampstead, N.H.; m. Louisa; weigher; liv. 1886, Boston; CASH, Ebenezer O., b. 1822, Lynn, Mass.; m. Lois N. Williams; shoemaker; d. Feb. 1872, loc. unknown; CLASSEN, Charles F., b. 1816, Boston; m. Ann B.; printer; d. 27 April 1892, loc. unknown; CLEAVELAND, Thomas C., b. 1830, Mass.; m. Julia; carriage maker; liv. 1871, Boston; COFFIN, Henry J., b. 1829, Columbia, Me.; m. Harriet Merriam; farmer; liv. 1886, Burwell (Garfield Co.), Neb.; COFFREN, Ariel, b. 1814, N.H.; m. Hannah D. Cowdin; clk. in fish store; liv. 1870, Boston; COLE, Hiram, b. 1793, Winthrop, Me.; m. Lois Young; linseed oil maker; liv. 1862, Boston; COLE, Samuel R., b. 1818, Conn.; m. Catherine Welch; trader; liv. 1860, Boston; COOK, George Dixson, b. 1825, Kingston, Mass.; widower; mason; liv. 1880, Boston; CRANE, Albert O., b. 1821, Caldwell, N.J.; m. Angie T. Wiggin; inventor; liv. 1897, Hoboken, N.J.; DAY, Joseph Addison, b. 1815, Me.; m. Matilda; ship carpenter; liv. 1880, Boston; DEAN, James W., b. 1832 Me.; m. Anna M.; dry goods clerk; liv. 1874, Boston; DURGIN, Aaron K., b. 1823, Me.; m. Susan; engineer; liv. 1860, Boston; DYER, William, b. 1824, Me.; m. Eliza V. Jones; teamster; liv. 1865, Boston; EATON, Julius, b. 1837, Me.; m. Abbie; harness maker; liv. 1873, Boston; ELDRIDGE, Moses C., b. 1832, Hebron, N.H.; m. Almira Severy; shoemaker; liv. 1864, Boston; ELLIS, Frederick A., b. 1835, Fairhaven, Mass.; m. Abby F. Banfield; clk., Treasury Dept.; liv. 1907, Washington, D.C.; EMERSON, Charles A., b. 1830, Boston; m. Lucy A. Gardner; painter; liv 1866, Boston; EMERSON, David D., b. 1801 Piermont, N.H.; m. Sarah; pump maker; liv. 1875, Boston; EVANS, Alfred B., b. 1843, Ohio; m. Anna; grocery clerk; liv. 1870, Boston; FISH, Christopher, b. 1813, Sandwich, Mass.; widower; pianomaker; liv. 1876, Boston; GETCHELL, Minot D., b. 1842, Wiscasset, Me.; widower; mason; liv. 1880, Tremont, Me.; GRIFFIN, Reuben P., b. 1800, Me.; m. Sarah C.; blacksmith; liv. 1865, Boston; HADLEY, John H., b. 1831, Holden, Mass.; m. Jemima Clampet; machinist; liv. 1885, Port-au-Prince, Hayti; HAMBLIN, Albert A., b. 1833, Portland, Me.; m. Harriet J. Baston; painter; liv. 1879 Boston; HARMON, Peter; b. 1831, Me.; m. Caroline; house carpenter; liv. 1870, Boston; HARRIS, George S., b. 1816, New York; m. Sarah F.; agt. for land co.; liv. 1864, Boston; HAVENER, Frank William, b. 1849, Rockland, Me.; widower; cook; liv. 1900, Boston; HAYDEN, Aaron B., b. 1831, Jay, Me.; widower; tailor; liv. 1888, Boston; HICKS, Richard C., b. 1817, N.H.; widower; teamster, liv. 1891 Exeter, N.H. (To be continued).       (98)


    BRADBURY/YOUNG:  Seek parents and birthplace of James G. BRADBURY Marriage certificate states he was “of Concord” (N.H.?). Marnied Sophronia YOUNG in 1841 in Belmont, N.H.  Mid 1840s he left wife and children and, supposedly, went to Cal. in search of gold - never to be heard from again.

    Richard W. Bradbury, Jr., 472 Black Rock Ave., New Britain, CT 06052.                                (99)

    BRADWAY/BROAD(A)WAY and allied families: Clearing house for all U.S. data since 1972.  Setting up canputer data files. Desire correspondence with descendents.

    Mrs. Bette I. Bradway, 1119 Hedgewood Lane, Schenectady, NY 12309.                              (100)

    BROWNING/KNOTT(NOTT)/SCHUYLER:  Seek ancestry Giles NOTT (KNOTT) Descendant John NOTT, Wetbersfield? B. Conn. or Mass. 1774 d. 1860 Pendelton, N.Y.  Resided dau. Sarah Knott BROWNING (Gideon) b. 1799. 2nd wife, Catherine, b. 1787 moved to Alamo, Mich. with dau. & son-in-law, Catherine NOTT and John SCHUYLER 1854. d. Alamo 1872. Mich.

    Gertrude Nott, 1130 S. Main St. #110, Racine, WI 53403.                                                   (101)

    BRUCE/SMALLEY/BURNETT:  Need parents, ancestry, date and place of birth for David T. BRUCE, who joined Texas Army Oct. 1835.  Married Mrs. Elizabeth (SMALLEY) BURNETT, 28 Jan. 1838, Matagorda, Texas.  Died 5 Feb. 1845 Matagorda. Ch.: Arthur C., b. 1839, Charles David, b. 1841, and Josephine 1843.  Is David T. BRUCE same person as David ThwingBRUCE, christened 24 May 1807 in Independent Congregational Church, Charleston, S.C.?

    Mrs. Jean W. Richardson, Box 1510, Bay City, TX 77414.                                                    (102)

    CARPENTER:  Seek info. on Joseph CARPENTER who moved from N.Y. to Jackson River (Covington) Va. in 1746.  He was there with Solomon, John, Joseph, Thomas, Jeremiah and Zopher CARPENTER. Was be no. 19, 22, or 31 in Daniel H. CARPENTER genealogy?

    Richard L. CARPENTER, 9199 W. Springhill Dr., St. John, IN 46373.                               (103)

    CAULKETT/OWEN/PEUGH:  Desire info. on Peter CAULKETT, b. 23 July 1820 in Devonshire, England, died 1892 in Port Huron, Mich., m. Mary OWEN, b. about 1820 in Wales, d. 9 Oct. 1879 and bur. in Port Huron, Mich.  Desire information on Joseph PEUGH, b. about 1840-50, m. Mary Ann CAULKETT, dau. of Peter and Mary (OWEN) CAULKETT, in Battle Creek, Mich., 4 July 1871.

    Frank J. PEUGH, 112 E. Avocado Crest Rd., La Habra Heights, CA 90631.                       (104)

    COOMBS/MILLER/DENIS:  John COOMBS arrived 1695 in Northampton. From where? Where was be born? What is his parentage?  His first wife was Mary (____) and his second was Elizabeth (____).  He had 12 ch. and I descend from 2.  Mary m. Joseph MILLER and Anna m. Aaron DENIS.

    Helen R. SCHNELL, 6 Misty Meadow Lane, N. Chatham, MA 02650.                              (105)

    COVERLY(CAVERLY):  Seek ancestry and descendants of Charles COVERLY (misspelled CAVERLY) b. Sanbornton, N.H. 10 May 1801, father of Joseph Israel Hunt COVERLY of Boston, b. Roxbury 3 March 1838. Genealogical info, of Coverly families of Boston 1800s.

    Carol COVERLY, 4 High Rock Rd., Holliston, MA 01746.                                                (106)

    COX/PYMEHEON/PYNCHEON:  Need ancestry and data for Permelia (Permilla?) COX, b. 14 Aug. 1772, Hebron, Conn. Father, William COX, b. Hebron, Conn., 19 May 1739, son of Robert COX. Mother, Merriam PYMEHEON (PYNCHEON?).  Permelia’s brothers and sisters, Robert, William, Thomas, Ruth, Meriam, Anna.  Need any other data on COX and PYMEREON (PYNCHEON?) families.

    Mrs. Carl Strever, 605 S. Green Island Way, Camano Island, WA 98292.                               (107)

    CROSBY/BRACKETT/MARSH/KITTLE:  Seek ancestry of Sarah CROSBY, m. 1739 Moses4 MARSH, dau. Simon CROSBY m. ca. 1711 Rachel KITTLE.  Was Simon son (NEHGR July 54) of Simon7 and Rachel (BRACKETT) CROSBY?  Ellen Crosby (1914) says Simon8 of Simon7 m. Hannah ____ by 1689 --- missing generation?  Info, welcome on BRACKETT, KITTLE too.

    Charles R. Moore, 303 Farm Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22901.                                              (108)

    CUMMINGS/BUCKNAM/BUXTON/DUNBAR/RACLIFF/JACKSON:  Seek ancestry Sarah CUMMINGS b. 13 Dec. 1749, where?; m. (1) Samuel BUCKNAM 5 Nov. 1772. He was b. Falmouth, Me., 1 Nov. 1752; d. Falmouth 2 April 1814;  She d. Falmouth 2 Feb. 1785.  His 2nd wife Betsy BUXTON, 3rd Huldah DUNBAR. Ch. 1st wife: Samuel, William, Lydia, John, Sarah, Greenfield, Seward. By 2nd Susanah, Enos, Harriet and by 3rd Elizabeth, Asa, Enos, Apphia, Ann.  Was Sarah dau. Thomas and Mehitable (RACLIFF) CUMMINGS or his bro.  William m. (?) JACKSON.

    Miss Ruth L. Walls, 202 Falmouth Rd., Falmouth, ME 04105.                                              (109)

    CURTIS/SLICER:  Need any info. on Jonah, b. 1788; Hubbard, b. 1790; Edward, b. 1796; Hannah, b. 1791 and Catherine, ch. of Joel and Hannah CURTIS, Wallingford, Conn. Need husband of Elizabeth May SLICER, b. 21 May 1869, Baltimore, Md., dau. of Dorsey and Kate (CURTIS) SLICER, Wilmington, Del.

    Betty S. Kania, 721 Woodtop Rd., Wilmington, DE 19804.                                                 (110)

    DANIELS/LE VEE:  Lovey DANIELS, b. ca. 1778, d. 1863, m. Gideon LE VEE, whose father was b. in France, mother b.     Conn. (1880 census). Ch.: Leonard, Nathan, Charles, Love.  Believe Lovey was dau. of Nathan DANIELS.  Family lived East Lyme, Conn.  Need parents of both.

    Kenneth H. Parker, 1085 Key West, Clawson, MI 48017.                                                     (111)

    DAVIS:  Seek info, about Aaron DAVIS b. 1736 in Freetown, Mass, son of Thomas and Lydia DAVIS. Especially interested in his DAVIS homestead located at Head of North Watuppa Pond in Fall River, Mass, in the mid 1700s.

    Andrew D. Cahoon, 36 Beaufort St., South Portland, ME 04106.                                        (112)

    DEANE/HOWE/BALDRIDGE/HASKELL:  Seeking ancestors of Cyrus Frederick DEANE b. 4 Aug. 1783, m. Nancy HOWE 12 Oct. 1806 Dedham, Mass., d. 22 Aug. 1866.  Son Charles P. DEANE b. 4 April 1813 d. 3 Oct. 1903, Elgin, Ill. m. (1) Mary P. BALDRIDGE 3 July 1841, d. 21 April 1851 and (2) Abbie M. HASKELL m. 24 March 1853, b. 31 Jan. 1836, d. 24 Dec. 1904. Char. P. res. Elgin, Ill.

    Elizabeth Mitchell App, 217 Giotto Dr., Nokomis, FL 33565.                                             (113)

    DIERIG/KUEHNEL:  Seek descendants of Adolph and Anna (KUEHNEL) DIERIG, both born Germany, emigrated Lawrence, Mass. 1878.

    Janet Helgemoe, 3 Woodland Circle, Bow, NH 03301.                                                       (114)

    ELLERY/VINSON/COIT/BOLIA:   Seek English ancestory of William ELLERY, b. 1643 in Bristol, Eng., who m. (1) Hannah VINSON, (2) Mary COIT.  He was an early settler of Gloucester, Mass. and d. there in 1696.  Welcome correspondence from any other descendants. Need all info. on Henry (Harry) ELLERY, b. 1810(?), who m. Caroline BOLIA.  His son Capt. Thomas ELLERY (1837-1909) sailed Great Lakes and settled in Port Huron, Mich.  Is this ELLERY branch related to William ELLERY?

    Ms. Janice Ellery, 78 Broadview Ave., Auburn, ME 04210.                                                  (115)

    FARMER/WILLARD:  Worcester births list Benjamin, son of William and Ruth (WILLARD) FARMER b. 9 Sept. 1749 at Leicester, Mass.  Harvard births list Timothy son of William and Ruth b. 30 July 1749. Willard Memorial has Timothy b. 17 Sept. 1749. Benjamin FARMER’s Rev. War pension application states he was b. 9 Sept. 1749 in Lancaster, Mass.  Was Benjamin son of William and Ruth? When was Timothy born?

    Lena E. Sweet, 4559 Darby Rd. R 2, Saranac, MI 48881.                                                     (116)

    FARNUM/WOOD/BENNETT:  Seek ancestry/info, on David and Molly (FARNUM) WOOD.  Their dau. Polly b. 27 Jan. 1779 at Uxbridge, Mass., m. Rufus BENNETT of Smithfield, R.I. in 1801, d. 5 Dec. 1825 at Northbridge, Mass.  Farnum ancestors were supposedly Quakers settled near Mendon, Mass, in early 1700s.

    Kim Truro, Box 364, Carnelian Bay, CA 95711.                                                                 (117)

    FISK/GROUT:  Need the names of all the children of Abner FISK who d. at Lee, Oneida Co., N.Y.  In 1841.  DAR records name 5 daus., his wife, Molly GROUT and state: “There were other children.” Were they Ethan (or Ethias), Boraldus, Samuel and Amos who moved into Steuben Co., N.Y.  In 1822?

    Mrs. Blanche F. Craft, 701 Rockford, Derby, KS 67037-1942.                                             (118)

    GALUSHA (GALEUCIA) (GALUTIA):  Seek information for family communicator to be published quarter1y,

    Janet Helgemoe, 3 Woodland Circle, Bow, NH 03301.                                                       (119)


    GARNT/RANDALL/WINSLOW/GARDNER:  Seek ancestry of Nathaniel GARNETT, m. 8 Nov. 1751 Pembroke, Mass. Sarah RANDALL, dau. Thomas RANDALL and Faith WINSLOW. Ch. b. Pembroke, Sarah 1753; Chloe 1754; Nathaniel 1756; Nathaniel 1758; Deborah 1761. b. Rochester, Mass; Wm. WINSLOW abt. 1764. Was Samuel GARNET b. abt. 1766 Rochester, Mass., their son? Also Eleanor and Cynthia Garnet GARDNER, Hebron, Me., daus.

    Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 1203 N. Pacific, Conroe, TX 77301.                                                       (120)

    GOWEN/CUTTER/CROSSWELL:  Seek info, on activities and family of William GOWEN, silversmith, bp. 13 Sept. 1749, m. 29 April 1772 Eleanor CUTTER, dau. of Ebenezer CUTTER.  William is believed to be son of Hammond GOWEN and Mary CROSSWELL of Charlestown.  William was taxed in Medford, Mass., 1771-1794.  Died 1803.  Where buried?

    H. M. Smith, 68 Ridgehill Drive, Brampton, Ont. Canada, L6Y 2C6.                                    (121)

    GRAVESTONE CARVERS: Seek any references (from deeds, town records, probate accounts, diaries, family receipts, account ledgers, etc.) naming any 17th or 18th century stonecutter or indicating the name of a carver paid for making gravestones.  Association for Gravestone Studies,

    Laurel K. Gabel, 12 Beech Hollow, Fairport, NY 14450.                                                     (122)

    GREENE/CARPENTER:   Who was the wife of Fones GREENE, b. 4 March 1761 in N. Kingston, R.I. (son of Joshua) who m. in N.Y. (probably Canaan) in 1781?  Joshua left R.I. before 1774.  Fones lived in Addison, N.Y. in 1820.  Also need ancestry of Joshua Greene’s first wife, Dinah CARPENTER (John’s dau.)

    Mrs. Marjorie M. Burton, 733 N. Abingdon St., Arlington, VA 22203.                                  (123)

    GREENE/KNIGHT/WOLCOTT/BUKER: Need ancestors for Capt. Joseph GREENE (Am. Rev.), b. Portsmouth, N.H. 17 Aug. 1739; d. Bowdoinham, Me., 28 May 1822; m. Mary (KNIGHT or WOLCOTT?), 1743-1821.  Son William, ca. 1780-1853 m. Priscilla BUKER. Any other children?

    Elsie L. Thoresen, 42 Grassmere Ave., East Providence, RI 02914.                                       (124)

    GROVES/YORK: Want info, regarding William GROVES and wife Patience YORK(?) of Mercer, East Pond Plantation and Camel, Maine.  Following data well established.  William born 1790 Brunswick, Me. Patience born 1795 Lebanon, Me.  Married in East Pond Plantation 13 Nov. 1828 where handwritten record calls her Miss but refers to “death of late husband.”  Was she Miss York or widow York?  They lived in Camel, 1850 census, with sons William and Samuel and dau. Philena.

    Mrs. Clair E. Wyman, P.O. Box 27, West Swanzey, NH 03469.                                            (125)

    HALL/GOWEN/KIMBALL:   Seek info, on Hall family in Bradford & Andover, Mass.  William HALL b. Andover 13 May 1768 m. Eleanor GOWE.N in Medford, 16 Oct. 1791.  William’s parents: William b. Bradford 26 Nov. 1738, d. Andover Aug. 1795, wife Barbara Christiana ____.  William’s grandparents: John b. Bradford 27 Sept. 1710, m. Bradford 28 June 1733 to Sarah KIMBALL.  William’s great grandparents: John and Mary ____ no info. ---.

    H. M. Smith, 68 Ridgehill Dr., Brampton, Ont., Canada L6Y 2C6.                                       (126)

    HEATH/GOODWIN:  Sarah F. (HEATH) GOODWIN, widow of Daniel, d. 14 March 1883, Haverhill, Mass.  Death record shows her parents as Nehemiah and Mebitable HEATH, both b. Newton, N.H. Seek parents of Nehemiah, maiden name of Mehitable and ancestry of both.

    Donald R. Sutherland, 162 Foxwood Rd., Guilford, CT 06437.                                           (127)

    HOLWAY/ALLEN: Seek assistance in ancestry and English home of Joseph HOLWAY and Rose ALLEN, Lynn, Mass. 1635, Sandwich 1636.  Born and married in England.  Son John HOLWAY and Rhoda ALLEN m. Sandwich 1802, b. 1779 and 1777.  Lineage for Rhoda.

    James M. Holway, 6405 Lawyers Hill Rd., Elkridge, MD 21227.                                          (128)

    HOWARD/FALES/BELLINGER:  David HOWARD was father of Eliza Ann, b. Mass., who m. Edward BELLINGER Knox Co. Ill. 1839. BELLINGERS went Ore. 1847.  Need proof that wife of David HOWARD was Hannah FALES, dau. of Lemuel4, Nehemiah3, James2, James1.

    Marjorie L. Renner, 212 Van Buren, Huntingburg, IN 47542                                                (129)

    HOWARD(HAYWARD)/HASTINGS/DANA: Seek ANY info. re: Ebenezer HOWARD b. ca. 1740 (parents unknown), m. 1764 Newton, Mass, to Mary HASTINGS, dau. of Samuel and Hepzibah (DANA) HASTINGS. Ch.: Charles, Marshall, Molly, Abigail --- probably others.  Ebenezer a stonecutter.  Lived Newton, Marlborough, Mass., Rindge, N.H. and ?  Also, Simon HOWARD (brother, cousin?) who m. Priscilla DANA.

    Laurel K. Gabel, P.O. Box 354, Pittsford, NY 14534.                                                         (130)

    HOWARD/MILLER:  Need ancestry for Lewis Lee HOWARD (2 March 1804, Virginia 27 Sept. 1896, Athens Co., Ohio), m. Elizabeth MILLER, 13 Dec. 1827 (Virginia?). Ch.: Lavina, 1829; Mary Ann, 1830; Amanda, 1832; William Milligan, 1833; Eliza, 1835; Samuel, 1837; Margaret, 1839; Elizabeth, 1841; George, 1843; Rachael, 1845; James, 1847; John, 1849; Lewis, 1851; Jefferson, 1853.

    Scotty Lee Howard, 52 Grosvenor St., Athens, OH 45701.                                                  (131)

    HOWE/MAYNARD:  Jonathan HOWE, 1738-1826, m. 1759 Lydia MAYNARD, Ch.: Walter 1760, Lydia, Fanira, Abigail, Jonathan 1781.  Family moved from Westboro to Hubbardstown, Mass., then vanished in 1771.  Last 2 children, as adults lived Herkimer, Madison, Oneida Counties, N.Y.  Seek family’s residence and Jonathan’s Rev. War records.

    Joseph Neff H. C., 75 Box 569, Camp Verde, AZ 86322.                                                   (132)

    HUBBARD/RULOFSON (RULISON):  Seek parentage and ancestors of my great grandfather, Leonard D. HUBBARD b. in New Britain, Conn. on 30 Jan. 1812.  Also the parentage and ancestors of his wife Clarissa RULOFSON, dau. of Charles RULOFSON born in Fla. and his wife Rachel P. ____ b. in Conn.

    Edwin A. Eaton, 2610 Elm St., Seffner, FL 33584.                                                             (133)

    HUSSEY/JAMES/DORE:   Want background of James HUSSEY and wife Anna.  Census places births of each in N.H.  James 1786 arid Anna 1789.  They lived in Lebanon-Shapleigh, Me. area until 1804 when families moved to Dearborn-Smithfield area.  They were parents of 13 ch. born 1808-1828. James living 1850 census Smithfield.  Anna d. 15 Sept. 1868, bur. Scales Cemetery in Temple Intervale, Me.  Was she Anna, dau. of John JAMES, Jr., and first wife Lydia (DORE) JAMES?

    Mrs. Clair F. Wyman, P.O. Box 27, West Swanzey, NH 03469.                                            (134)

    JOHNSTON (JOHNSON)/FORBES:   Seek forebears of Joshua JOHNSTON who settled in area later Meigs Co., Ohio ca. 1800; d. 1822 Meigs Co. Son James m. 1824 the widow of his bro. Isaac, Mary.  Was her maiden name FORBES?

    Marjorie L. Renner, 212 Van Buren, Huntingburg, IN 47542.                                               (135)

    JUDKINS/MITCHELL/CHANDLER:  Need ancestry of Hannah JUDKINS b. 1800 East Livermore, Me. m. Mordecai MITCHELL ca. 1825.  Hannah d. 16 Nov. 1888 at home of dau. Susan CHANDLER Minneapolis, Minn.  Need info, on their dau. Frances Louisa b. Feb. 1833 Dover, Me. d. Oct. 1889 where? who was her husband, any children?

    Mrs. Ruth E. Harrison, 1526 Grand Ave., Ojai, CA 93023.                                                  (136)

    LAMBERT/BEAL/ADKINS/STEARS:  Need info, on ancestry of Deborah LAMBERT who m. Abel BEAL on 17 March 1755 in Hingham, Mass.  Also need info. on Mary ADKINS who m. their grandson Luther STEARNS about 1806 in Vt.  Was she the dau. of Isaiah ADKINS of Pawlet, Vt.?

    Mrs. Marjorie M. Burton, 733 N. Abingdon St., Arlington, VA 22203.                                  (137)

    LEE/EASTMAN/SAGE/MCALPIN:  Seek any data on Sarah LEE b. 1786 Portland, Me., m. Brunswick, Me. 1806 Robert EASTMAN (1783-1867). Ch. b. Brunswick: Seth b. 1808 reknown Indian artist, Charles, Mary Jane, Julia, Sarah F. m. Stephen SAGE (dau. m. McALPIN of Portland), Maria, Hannah, Harrlett, Robert, John.

    Mrs. Robert M. Rouse, 14 Rose Terrace, Ft. Mitchell, KY 41017.                                         (138)


    LEWIS/FULLER/WILLIAMS: Samuel LEWIS Polly WILLIAMS, had Samuel, Thcwnas d Polly, settled Dublin, N.H. bef. 1780, d. 1790.  Is he the same Samuel LEWIS b. Middleboro, Mass. 25 May 1739, res. N.H. during the Revolution, and was fifth generation descendant of Dr. (Dea.) Samuel FULLER of the Mayflower?

    Allen Brownlee, 35 Suncrest Dr., Saner’s, CT 06071.                                                           (139)

    McCONNELL: Seek parents/ancestors James MccONNELL, b. Coon. Ca. 1780 and wife Sally ____, b. Conn. 1785.  They lived in N.Y. until about 1825.  Settled in Tioga Co., Pa. about 1840.  His father believed to be Michael or Mathew. Ch.: James Jr., Rachel Mary, Justus, Charles, Eli G., Henry, Hannah, Angelina, Mabala.

    Alberta J. McArthur, 6930 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122.                                              (140)

    MCCORMICK/PROVINCE/FROST:  DAR Patriot Index; 1966 ed.; Page 450. See McCORMICK, Francis, b. 4-17-1734; d. 1794; m. (1) Ann PROVINCE; (2) Ann FROST. Lt. Va. and McCORMICK, Francis, b. 6-3-1764; d. 7-26-1836 m. Rebecca Easton McCORMICK. Pvt. Va.        Were these two men father and son, and, if so, by which of the elder McCORMICK’s wives?

    Rogers M. Cox, P.O. Box 2196, Heinet, CA 92343.                                                            (141)

    MEAD/COLLINS/HAMLIN:  Seeking birthplace, parentage Benjamin MEAD b. 1754, d. 21 April 1828 Hancock (Rochester) Addison County, Vt.; also birthplace, parentage Susannah COLLINS whom Benjamin m. 26 Feb. 1781 Cambridge, Mass.  They were parents of Wm. C. MEAD b. Hillsboro, N.H. 1781, m. Dorcas HAMLIN, Harvard, Mass. 1808.

    John Mead, 230 F. Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.                                                           (142)

    MILES:  Need parents, ancestry and wife of Thomas MILES of Pomfret, Coon., whose inventoried estate dated 10 March 1764 named the following children: Jonathan, Thomas, Joshua, Jesse, Reuben, Abigail, Sarah, and Mary.

    Harriet L. Kellar, P.O. Box 161, Berlin Heights, OH 44814.                                                 (143)

    MINCH/MURCH/COLTON:  Seek parents of Rizpha MINCH/MURCH, b. 6 Aug. 1791 in Conn., m. Pliney COLTON, Oct. 1817 in Cambridge, Washington Co., N.Y., d. 14 Oct. 1876, Mt. Pleasant, Wis.

    James W. Cummings, 1200 W. Rowan St., Anaheim, CA 92801.                                          (144)

    MITCHELL/CATLIN:  How did Michael MITCHELL meet the John CATLIN family?  From Barbados to N.J.?  He m. Sarah CATLIN ca. 1694.  She div. him in 1718 and d. in 1736 Mass.  Where and did Michael die?  Did he return to N.J. or Barbados?  Info, needed on Michael’s parents.

    Marilyn R. Solari, 1872 Janette Lane, Anaheim, CA 92802.                                                   (145)

    MITCHELL/DOW/BRADBURY/SMITH/DAUGHERTY/JUDKINS/RUGGLES:   Ancestry and birthplace of William MITCHELL, b. 6 Nov. 1770, m. Hannah DOW 20 June 1791 Belmont, N.H. William d. 23 May 1842 Garland, Me.  Ch.: Hannah, Betsey, Harriet, Nancy m. (1) Nathaniel BRADBURY, m. (2) Stephen SMITH, Louisa m. ____ DAUGHERTY, Mordecai m. Hannah JUDKINS. Meroby/Meriba m. Dr. Paul RUGGLES. William at Dover, Me. ca. 1809.  Desire marriages, children, death dates for Hannah, Betsey, Harriet and Louisa.

    Mrs. Ruth F. Harrison, 1526 Grand Ave., Ojai, CA 93023.                                                   (146)

    MULLEN/LOAN/MORAN:   Ellen MULLEN b. ca. 1834, Rhode Island, when & where?  Parents Patrick MULLEN, Ellen LOAN; she m. Jan. 1853, East Cambridge, Mass, to Joseph MORAN, d. 1898; 7 ch.  Need data re her vital stats, places & siblings.

    Virginia Moran Hurley, 11 Queensbury St. #18, Boston, MA 02215.                                     (147)

    NORTON/MUNSON:  Need parents and place of birth of Olive NORTON b. 1789.  Were her parents Stephen and Lois (____) NORTON? Olive m. Walter MUNSON 1804. Dau. Elvira b. 1808 Otsego Co., N.Y.

    Mrs. Pauline J. Kelton, 1526 Sioux Trail, Niles, MI 49120.                                                    (148)

    NURSE:  Seek birthplace in England and parents of Francis NURSE of Salem, Mass., b. 18 Jan. 1618.

    Avis U. Watkins, 8 Gardner St., Apt. 1, Exeter, NH 03833.                                                  (149)

    PARKER:  Seek ancestors and data of John PARKER and wife Jemime ____; John’s will made at Haverstraw, Orange Co., N.Y. and dated Dec. 1774 lists Jemime and ch. John, Peter, David, Mary, Jacob and Isaac. Peter, Jacob, and Isaac all served in Rev. War.

    Mrs. Mary Selden Wbitehead, 4374 Co. Rd. 233, Clyde, OH 43410.                                     (150)

    PAUL/HOBBS/WILLIAMS/MELLEN:  Seek ancestry Delia (____), b. 22 Feb. 1776, m. (1) Edmund PAUL, m. (2) Nathaniel HOBBS of N. Berwick, Me.  Her brother (?) John WILLIAMS agent Cochecho Mills, Dover, N.H. until 1837, as was later her son Moses PAUL.  WILLIAMS m. 1810, Dover, Sophia, dau. John/Martha MELLEN, dismissed to New Church, Boston, 1831, d. Cambridge 1864.  He d. Boston 1843.

    Nancy Stephens, 72 Ridgeport Rd., Clover, S.C. 29710.                                                       (151)

    PHILLIPS/ROSS/CURIT:  Seek ancestry of William Henry PHILLIPS, b. ca. 1836/7, No. Yarmouth, Me.  Enlisted 10 Sept. 1862, Co. G. 25th Inf., Portland, Me. 3rd husband of Pamela (ROSS) CURIT, Hamilton. M. 9 Sept. 1866, No. Yarmouth, Me. d. 1889, Me. dau. Amelia, b. 20 March 1869, No. Yarmouth, Me.

    James L. Dennis, 19 3ak Knoll Loop, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.                                          (152)

    POTTER/McCLANATHAN/GRIFFITH:  Need parents of Hannah POTTER, b. 1790, R.I., m. 1810 Brattleboro, Vt., Thomas McCLANATHAN. Her sisters, Nancy and Betsy m. at Brattleboro 1796 Lot GRIFFITH and 1805 Olden GRIFFITH respectively.

    D. Tucker, 829 Wilson, Manitowoc, WI 54220.                                                                  (153)

    RANDALL/WATTS/BRACKETT/TWITCHILL/HAMILTON/STONE/SMITH/DENTON/ CATES/BENNETT:  Seek anc. William RANDALL, also place of birth (possibly Harrington, Me.) and place buried.  Resided Peak’s Island, Me. m. (1) Elizabeth WATTS; (2) Elizabeth BRACKETT. Need info. on both. Ch.: Ruth m. Benjamin Clark TWITCHELL; Arvilla m. Henry HAMILTON; Edgar m. Sarah STONE; Mary Adeline m. (1) Frank SMITH, (2) Joseph DENTON; Oscar m. Nellie Trefethen CATES; George m. Annie Lauri BENNETT:

    Jeanette Potsaid, 57 Twin Fawn Dr., P.O. Box J, Hanover, MA 02339.                                 (154)

    REED/GLIDDEN:   Seek ancestry of Moses REED, b. ca. 1764 and wife, Deborah GLIDDEN, b. ca. 1765.  They resided Croydon, N.H. until 1810 and then moved to Plainfield, Vt.  In 1818 he received a pension for N.H. service (1782-83) during the Revolution.

    A. Lauriston Parks, Hammond Hill, Saunderstown, RI 02874.                                              (155)

    RIDER/CUSHMAN/PADDLEFORD:  Seek descendants of James RIDER, b. 27 Oct. 1742, Rochester, Mass.; m. 13 Aug. 1767 Middleborough, Mass., Hannah CUSHMAN, b. 1741, dau. of Jabez CUSHMAN and Sarah PADDLEFORD.  Lived North Yarmouth, Me. 1783-18?  Hannah RIDER accused of being a witch; History of Buckfield, Maine, p. 46.

    Mrs. Ruth Wilson, 1203 N. Pacific, Conroe, TX 77301.                                                       (156)

    ROBBINS/JOURDAINE/PRATT/CROCKER/CUSHMAN:  Seek info. on Nicholas ROBBINS, of Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. m. Ann ____.  Their son, John m. Jebosebeth JOURDAINE.  Son, Jeduthan, m. Hannah PRATT. Son Jeduthan, m. Rebecca CROCKER.  Son, Benjamin, m. Abigail CUSHMAN.

    Mrs. Patricia M. Stanford, 8903A Salmon Falls Dr., Sacramento, CA 95826.                          (157)

    ROBERTSON/SHEAF/MATLACK/WALDRON/HOWLAND:  Seek parentage of Robert ROBERTSON m. 27 Feb. 1768 Portsmouth, N.H. Abigail SHEAF (Reg. 82:297).  Ch. (p. 53) Abigail, Ann, and James, bp. there. Fam. moved to N.Y.C. ca. 1780.  Tombstone Trinity Ch.Yd.-"Native of Edinburgh (Dalkeith) Scotland (d.) 6 November 1805 AE 65.’"  Abigail SHEAF, “b. November 11, 1742, Portsmouth, N.H. -- Residence (N.Y.C.) 22 Years (d.) Jan. 3, 1802.” Daus.: Abigail m. sea capt. White MATLACK, Jr., Hannah m. WALDRON (parentage?) 2 ch.; Ellen m. sea Capt. Thomas HOWLAND from Mass. (parentage?) 4 ch. (family inss.).

    Virginia F. Murray, P.U. Box 38, Edgartown, MA 02539.                                                    (158)


    ROSSMAN/MONROE:  Seek ancestry, data, sister Elizabeth and other siblings, and all descendants of Charles and Catharine (ROSSMAN) MONROE living Cairo, N.Y. 1810.  She was b. Columbia Co., N.Y. His parents had a 100 year lease on Livingston Manor; Do these records exist?

    Catherine Mayhew, 4023 Wharton Turn, Bowie, MD 20715.                                               (159)

    SAFFRON/LYNCH:  Hester SAFFRON of V. Valley, Va. m. 1776 Peter LYNCH, b. 1752 Dublin, Ireland, overseer her father’s plantation, and Rev. War soldier. After Rev, lived Buffalo Creek, Harrison Co. (V.) Va. Who were her parents?

    D. Tucker, 829 Wilson, Manitowoc, WI 54220.                                                                  (160)

    SHEAN/MAGOON/BACHELDER:  Seek info, on Patrick SHEAN m. Elizabeth MAGOON ca. 1817 Litchfie1d, Me. Lived in St. Albans, Me., d. there Ca. 1826. Six ch.: Woodman, Benjamin, Eunice, Rebecca, Sarah, and Daniel.  Elizabeth m. (2) Ephraim BACHELDER ca. 1834.

    Dudley Boyd Shean, Jr., 14352 New Jersey Ave., San Jose, CA 95124.                                   (16l)

    SMITH/WEBSTER/EMERSON: Seek parentage of Mehitable SMITH, b. ca. 1759; d. ca. 1858; m. Nathaniel WEBSTER, son of Abel and Hannah (EMERSON) WEBSTER, 13 March 1777, Plymouth, N.H. Moved to Cabot, Vt., ca. 1788.  Twelve ch.

    A. Lauriston Parks, Hanxnond Hill, Saunderstown, R.I. 02874.                                             (162)

    STINCHFIELD/MORSE:  Seek true place of death of Josiah STINCHFIELD (17 Nov. 1763 - 24 Nov. 1825) m. Molley (Mary) MORSE 6 June 1784 New Gloucester, Me.  Also any info. on William or Levi MORSE (b. 1 May 1763, Uxbridge, Mass.)

    Diane Klingenstein, Box 796, East Orleans, MA 02643.                                                       (163)

    SYKES (SIKES):  Isaac SYKES (SIKES) appears in 1820 census of Manchester, Vt. Where and when did he come to America? He was born In Ackworth, West Riding, Yorkshire, England.

    Mildred L. Sidner, #338, 609 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062.                                      (164)

    TENNANT: A new family genealogy of Alexander1 and Prudence Tennant of Jamestown, Rhode Island is being compiled for publication. All descendants and others interested are solicited for previously unpublished information, bible records, descent lines, oral history, etc.

    Charles S. Gifford, 1923 Bayview Blvd., Norfolk, VA 23503.                                              (165)

    THAYER/MOODY/BROWN:  Seek ancestry of Charles Green MAYER, b. Feb. 1810 in Boston, Mass, and d. 27 Jan. 1861 in Boston, Mass.  Married to Jane MOODY and Eunice Norris BROWN. According to obituary, long-time resident of Chelsea.  Family legend that he was captain of 7-masted schooner, Elizabeth.  At time of death, owner of ship chandlery, Charles G. Thayer Co.

    Mrs. Dorothy Meyers, 196 Lafayette Dr., Bolingbrook, IL 60439.                                        (166)

    VINCENT/MAXSON: Seek siblings and children of Joshua VINCENT, son of Dr. William and Zeruiah, b. 11 Sept. 1762 Westerly, R.I.; d. 1841 N.Y., and wife Eleanor MAXSON, dau. of David and Abigail, b. 1769 Westerly, R.I.; d. 1828, N.Y. They m. bef. 1790.

    P.J. Evans, 3786 E. Mountain View, Pasadena, CA 91107.                                                   (167)

    WARD/BENJAMIN:  Thaddeus WARD b. ca. 1720 Newton, bp. Roxbury, Mass, m. July 1743, Waltham, Mass, to Lydia BENJAMIN b. ca. 1722. Need any available data, parents etc., for both.

    Virginia Moran Hurley, 11 Queensbury St. #18, Boston, MA 02215.                                     (168)

    WARD/GOSS/RIDLEY:  Mandana WARD b. 1836, New Hampshire; parents Loammi WARD - Rachel GOSS; she m. David RIDLEY. Need all data avail, siblings and descendants.

    Virginia Moran Hurley, 11 Queensbury St., #18,  Boston, MA 02215.                                   (169)

    WARD/SPRING/WILSON:  Need any info. Caleb WARD b. Ca. 1693 near Roxbury, Mass.-parents William and Abigail (SPRING) WARD.  He d. 1744-48, when and where? m. Dec. 1719 Muddy River (Brookline) Mass, to Sarah WILSON. Need all data and parents for her.

    Virginia Moran Hurley, 11 Queensbury St. #18, Boston, MA 02215.                                     (170)

    WARREN/HOPPER/ANNIS/BAILEY/WARNER/MANNING:  Sylvia Warren’s bible states “dau. of Jabez and Zilpha WARREN.”  Mother’s maiden name HOOPER of Bridgewater, Mass.  Sylvia, b. 12 March 1769 (where?), d. 25 Feb. 1852, Andover, Vt. m. (1) Ezra ANNIS, Jr.  (where, when?) who d. 28 March 1804, Hartland, Vt.; (2) Joshua BAILEY, 24 Feb. 1805, Hartland, Vt., who d. 12 Dec. 1810, where?; (3) Moses WARNER, (where, when?) who d. 2 June 1828 where?; (4) Deacon Samuel MANNING, 25 Oct. 1836, Andover, Vt., who d. 22 April 1842, Andover, Vt.

    Elizabeth R. Bacon, 745 W. Front St., Red Bank, NJ 07701.                                                 (171)

    WHITE/VINCENT: Seek data on Peter B. WHITE and wife Phoebe, b. ca. 24 Jan. 1805 near Paterson, N.J.; d. 21 Sept. 1889 Independence, Kansas.  Son Charles was b. 6 Jan. 1823 Lansing twp., Tompkins Co., N.Y.; m. 4 May 1846, Alfred, N.Y., Harriet Melissa VINCENT.

    P.J. Evans, 3786 E. Mountain View, Pasadena, CA 91107.                                                   (172)

    WILCOX/PARKE/NORTH:  Need info, on ancestry of Thomas WILCOX who m. Alice PARKE about 1790 in Middletown, Conn.  His father was probably Nathan (there were several Nathans in Conn. at that time).  His grandparents or great grandparents were Thomas WILCOX and Hannah NORTH.  Also need ancestry of Alice PARKE.

    Mrs. Marjorie M. Burton, 733 N. Abingdon St., Arlington, VA 22203.                                  (173)

    WILLIS:  Need parents of Dyer WILLIS b. Feb. 1754 at Hanover, N.H. and parents of his wife Elizabeth (Betsy). They raised six children in Grafton County, N.H.

    Rolland F. Kaser, S. R. 1, Box 451, Hollister, MO 65672.                                                     (174)

    WRIGHT/MOSHER:  Seek parents, birthplace of Robert WRIGHT (1737, d. 1818 Putnam Co., N.Y.) date and place of m. to ,Johannah MOSHER b. 1744 Dartmouth, Mass. d. 1788 Putnam Co. dau. George & Hannah Mosher.

    Peter Wright, Box 103, Groveland, FL  32736.                                                                   (175)

    WRIGHT/STERLING/STERRY:   Seek parents and ancestry of Nancy WRIGHT b. 13 June 1820 N.Y. All censuses give her parents birthplace as Conn.  She m. (1) Isaac STERLING ca. 1834/5 prob. N.Y. First ch. b. 1835 N.Y.; 6 other ch. b. Texas.  m. (2) James STERRY, 1854 Matagorda, Texas.  Four ch. b. Matagorda, Texas.  She d. 20 Jan. 1900, Matagorda, Texas.

    Mrs. Jean V. Richardson, Box 1510, Bay City, TX  77414.                                                    (176)

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